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The best thing about being a non-fiction translator is the great spectrum of subjects I get to work on. There is always something new to learn or an opportunity to apply my own knowledge of art, culture and science. Thanks to my grandmother, I am also well versed in the classic handicraft techniques and I love to try my hand at pretty much any craft that comes my way. This means that I can follow complicated instructions in a wide variety of techniques.
I enjoy the creativity of languages and the different outlook on life they can provide. on the professional side, I translate from English, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish and French into German and English. For the pure love of languages, I Also took 2 years of Arabic in the south of France, and after 6 years of studying Manx Gaelic on the Isle of Man, I am now a fluent speaker.

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Kleine Geschenke aus der Küche

Kleine Geschenke aus der Küche English English

Busse Seewald (01. 08. 2008) ISBN-10: 3512033172 ISBN-13: 978-3512033179

Translated from
english to english
Gitte heidi Rasmussen, Inge skovdal