Frauke, The Artist

Deep down, I have always been an artist. But in order to "put bread on the table” I chose to be "sensible" and to pursue my second love, languages, instead. But the impulse to create always stayed with me. Somehow, I was always working on a new project. I am a compulsive collector of random objects from streets, skips, fields and beaches and I constantly experiment with new techniques.
In the early 1990s I spent three years in San Diego. The exuberant art of the Americas and my friendship with the local Artist James Hubbell impacted my art very strongly. In San Diego, I also picked up the craft of stained glass ans experimented with mosaic tiling and glass painting.
For the next 16 years, I lived in France and started a family with my English husband. Much has been written about the light of the Midi and the passion for art in the South of France. I was no exception. I made jewellery made from wire, glass and stone and created mini sculptures and mobiles from plastic bottles and broken glass.
7 years ago, we moved to the Isle of Man, where I found the local fields and beaches an boundless treasure trove. This inspired the creation of netting tapestries, driftwood sculptures, wall ornaments and jewellery made from beach glass, stones and china chips picked up in the local fields.


You like what you see but the length or colour is not quite right? Any questions about dimensions, material and care? Just drop me a line!

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hops and Malt £45.00 (Postage included)

Knitted Copper wire with brown naturally rounded beach glass. Copper coloured magnetic clasp. Length 54 cm.